Moose Inventor Mission

Moose Enterprise prides itself in producing products that represent creativity, innovation and come from the brightest ideas and this doesn't mean they all need to come from within our four walls!  Moose has strong relationships with leading inventors around the world whom have been involved in incredibly successful toy programs such as Magic Fabric and Mighty Beanz's hugely successful Slam N Smash Raceway.   Moose is open to hearing great ideas from all avenues including inventors, designers and the general public.

By submitting inventions and designs to Moose Enterprise, you are opening up opportunities for worldwide recognition of your concept, an opportunity to have your product commercialised and monetary rewards.

All innovations are measured by the following criteria:MB Slam n Smash

  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Originality
  • Commercial appeal
  • Manufacturability
  • Safety

For more information or to submit your toy design, email  Please include the following information in your submission:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Name of concept
  • Brief description
  • Category of product
  • What stage of development is your concept

Moose thanks you for your submission.  Please note that all correspondence from this website becomes the property of Moose Enterprise Pty Ltd. Therefore please do not disclose your entire invention at this point.    If your general description falls into a category Moose is actively seeking, Moose will contact you and send you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to enable you to send in your concept.


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