The Moose Foundation

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Our Commitment

Through the Moose Foundation, Moose Enterprise strives to extend its mission of making children happy in the wider community through philanthropic initiatives that positively make a difference to the lives and well-being of children less fortunate.

Our ApproachMrMooseHug

Moose Enterprise believes that giving back to the community is an integral part of creating a positive work culture and demonstrating corporate responsibility.  Moose looks for opportunities where they can maximize their contribution through opportunities for staff to get involved as well as donations of product and funds. The Moose team is passionate about their mission of making children happy and seeks partners in philanthropic activities that embody the same goals and are important to the employees that work with us.  The desire to make children healthier, safer, happier is at the heart of our Company's giving.

Moose has formalised relationships with several key partners in order to maximise the impact and efficiency of our efforts and is not currently accepting unsolicited requests.  However, if you feel as though you have a cause that should be considered please consider our priorities before applying.


The Moose Foundation generally prioritises the following charities:

  • Charities, initiatives and events focused on helping children in need as a priority
  • Charities and non-profit organizations that provide relief support to families after a natural disaster
  • School programs that aim to raise funds for children in need
  • Organisations already linked to 'Our Community'
  • In-kind donations where our products or time can make a big difference