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Go, go, go get Gomu Series 2!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Go, go, go get Gomu Series 2! The hottest collectable in the playground just got hotter with all new themes, new G points and super rare designs including glitter finishes!

Gomu Pig 2


There's over 100 new erasers to collect to complete our Series 1 teams.  Get the a pig, a pony, some lippy or a camera.  They are in great new colours and take your Gomu point tally to staggering heights.  


We've also got all new Top and Tail Gomu erasers. 

Gomu Camera

 That's right these are pencil toppers with a twist, there's not just one eraser but two.  Stretch out your dinosaur so he's super long or give your giraffe the height that he deserves.  There's 6 to collect!