Beados S7 Shopkins Activity Pack

BeadosTM   ITEM 10783





 Beados Shopkins are more exciting than ever this season! Great new Shopkin activity packs to choose from! Just choose your favorite character, add your Beados, spray them with water and WOW! You’ve just made your own Beados Shopkins! Then show off your creations in a Shopkins scene! 
 With heaps of beads to create with, you’ll be able to make aisles of Shopkins, because once you shop, you can’t stop!


1 X large dome base
1 X large back scene
16 X Shopkins Eye Plugs (8 Right and 8 Left)
2 X Bead Trays
8 X Design Templates 
1 X Water Sprayer
4 X Standard Stand
4 X Suction clip
16 X 3ball connectors
1 X  Large Blister Tray
1 X Tweezer Pen
550 X Beados Beads
1 X instruction Booklet