Cutie Cars Shopkins S2 Single Pack - Moto Gelato

Cutie CarsTM   ITEM 56718

It’s life in the cute lane with Cutie Cars! Each Cutie Car has their own special personality with a die-cast body and sweet paint job to match! Plus, every Cutie Car comes with a Mini Shopkin in the driver’s seat! There are over 35 cars to collect this season, plus 2 new models have rolled out the shop! Check out the Tricked Up Pickups and the 3 Wheel Wonders!
Name: Moto Gelato
Model: 3 Wheel Wonder
Features: Cool Italian styling that has the scoop on all the gossip!
Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes hot days. It makes the paint run.


1 x Cutie Car
1 x Mini Shopkin
1 x Collector's guide

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